Sunday, January 2, 2011

My very first chipboard book :)

Hi again :) Just wanted to share with you all my very first chipboard book!! It's a gift for my cousins little boy (the same one we're throwing the party for), Aiden. The theme of his nursery is monkeys, and the main colors are brown and light green, so I made it to match that. I may be being biased here, but I  absolutely LOVE how it turned out!!   I can't wait to make more! :)

 I used the Plantin Schoolbook cartridge and the Cricut Design Studio to cut out the book
 This smiley star is from the Simply Charmed cartridge, and the stamp, "babies are a bit of star dust blown from the hand of God" is from Michaels.
 This monkey and the leafy vines were cut from the Create-A-Critter cartridge....
 ...along with this "so cute" phrase and the smiley leaves. The frame for the photos were cut from the Storybook cartridge.....
...and so were these leaves.

I hope she likes it as much as I do! :)


  1. Love your word book. Awesome, Awesome job.

  2. Wow, how cool is that!!!
    Totally love it:)

  3. That is amazing! You do great work!


    ★ Jasmine Wilmany


  4. Wow! Your word book looks awesome! I have been working on one too, I hope it comes out as good! Happy Crafting!


  5. I love it!!!!

    I am doing a cricut cart giveaway :) Feel free to check it out my blog for details

  6. OMG girl, this is fabulous and your first one WOW!!! I can't wait to see more! Love everything about it so CUTE. Did you use chipboard or layers for it? Great job Libby:)

  7. Thanks everyone! :)
    Norma, I used a slightly thinner version of chipboard that my cousin found at Hobby Lobby. Sadly, Gainesville only has one Michaels and one Joanns, and both are VERY limited in what they sell. The Joanns here is so old that they don't even carry Cricut products! :( So, I usually drive down to Ocala, or she'll bring goodies here sometimes to help me out :) The only thing I did layer was the "N" at the end because it felt a little flimsy, but for the rest of the book it worked great :)

  8. Thanks Libby and looks fantastic!! I can't believe they don't carry Cricut goodies!! if you need me to get you anything here let me know:)

  9. I've been wanting to try a board book, but the occassion hasn't really presented itself. Now I think I'll make one just for the fun of it! Great work!

    ☺ Laura

  10. Libby, I came back to look more closely at your chipboard book. You did a fantastic job! I read that you used thinner chipboard. Were you able to cut it with your regular blade? Or did you need to use the deep cut blade? And was that also your first time using Design Studio. I got DS for Xmas and I haven't used it yet, so I'm anxious but also a little nervous. Was it easy to match the paper to the chipboard? And what kind of adhesive did you use? I'm thinking I may need an ATG gun! Your framed picture areas are so well done. Love how you put the leaves and grapevines around the frame(s)and still have room for a picture. Are they all glued down? Hope your son is feeling better and the rest of you don't get sick!