Thursday, January 6, 2011

Aiden's 1st birthday goodies

Hi all. Ever have one of those days where Murphy's Law seems to be in full effect? Well today was that day for me. I knew something was a little off with my son when he didn't want to eat at all today, but he was happy and playing so I didn't think too much of it. Shortly after my husband got home his real symptoms started :( On top of diarrhea, he's thrown up twice in the past two hours :( Naturally it's never fun to see your baby sick, but the timing couldn't be worse. We were suppose to be leaving tomorrow for our trip to Miami, but unfortunately we've got to cancel :( Of course I am super bummed about that, but to make it worse, I got a call from my mom telling me that my cousin changed her mind and decided to have a cake instead of cupcakes. This is a major bummer for me because I've spent the last two nights staying up 'til almost 1 am cutting about 200  different pieces out on my cricut, and gluing and doodling them to make the cupcake toppers, which are now absolutely useless :( Talk about frustrating! My other job was to make the party bags, which I finished up today. Even though we won't be able to make the party, I'm still going to make the 2.5 hour drive to Tampa tomorrow to drop off everything with my mom who'll still be going, just another reason I feel bad because her and I were suppose to drive down there together and now she'll have to go alone :( I really really hate to complain, as we all know it could always be worse. I just really hope that this bug passes fast and that tomorrow is a better day.

Here are the cupcake toppers. The theme for his party is 1st Birthday All Star
I cut all of the sports balls from the Everyday Paper Dolls cartridge, and the number 1's are from the Plantin Schoolbook cartridge.

 The rectangle tags were cut from the Doodlecharms cartridge, and the #1 charm is from the Lifes A Beach cartridge.


  1. What a bummer! Hang in there; it can only get better, right?!

  2. Wow, thats sad your baby got sick and you had to change everything. But your party stuff looks amazing! Maybe you could keep the cupcake toppers for your sons birthday? Just a thought! Get well soon!

  3. Sorry to hear about your day. Hope your son feels better soon. Sick kids are never fun or easy. I love the cupcake toppers and goody bags. They turned out super cute!

  4. Sorry you can't go. Your goodies do look GREAT!


  5. Hi Libby, I hope your son is doing better. It's never fun when they get sick. My son just had kinda the same thing about a 2-3weeks ago, it will pass and he'll be up to normal:) That's too bad your cousin changed her mind, those cupcake toppers are just out of this park! Like Erin suggested maybe keep them for your son and change the 1 to the right age. Things will get better sweets:)
    Big Hugs,

  6. Everything you made looks amazing! I just became a follower!


    ★ Jasmine Wilmany ★