Saturday, January 15, 2011

More Goodies :)

Hey everyone! I hope your weekends are all off to a great start :) I spent my day driving to (and coming home from) Tampa to pick up some goodies from my mom. Unfortunately she came down with a bad cold and wasn't able to make it here this weekend :( (she didn't want to get any of us, especially J.R. sick). The drive wasn't too bad, but I am glad to be home. I've been meaning to post these pictures of some really cute bargains I found and added to my work space over the past couple of weeks.

I first found the pink shelves on clearance at Target. Since I like keeping all of my cartridges in their original boxes, I thought they'd be perfect to house them :) and thanks to the big $10 cartridge clearance sale at Michael's I've actually been able to fill them up! :)
I also found a simple and cute photo/note holder for $5 at Michaels. I used a 50% off coupon and that brought it down to just $2.50! :) They also had the jewelry organizer for 40% off. I loved it the minute I saw it, but I knew I could never fill it up with jewelry, so I decided to make it the home for all of my extra cut outs :)
As I'm sure you can tell I am a bargain shopper ;) I like to get the most for my (or my husband's) money,  and I do not like to waste anything! :)
By far, my favorite addition so far was found at Ross yesterday for $2.99! Anyone who knows me will tell you that this sign is just perfect for me! I have been known to give this very same advice to quite a few people (yes, men included) lol


  1. Your area looks neat. Maybe one day I will actually get to see it.


  2. I'm a bargain shopper too! Love to get those great deals with coupons, etc. You did really well - love all your new pink items. Clever use of the jewelry organizer. Great finds!!

  3. OMG!! that sign is just Hilarious I love it LOL!!!! and love your shelving with your carts looks very neat:)