Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Hi Everyone! Guess what Michaels has got?!

 I just have to tell you all about a fabulous sale going on at Michaels! I popped in there yesterday and tried to buy a Valentine's stamp, but the line was really long and my son was getting very impatient, so I decided to leave it and come back the following day without him.
Well that day was today. I went in there just for that one $1 stamp, and I walked out with FOUR new cartridges! (From My Kitchen, Jubilee Celebration, Pagoda, and Sweethearts!) because they are on clearance for just TEN BUCKS!! :) Truth be told, I tried to buy six of them, but they only had the four in stock. I immediately called my cousin Yvette to let her know, and she said that her Michaels down in Ocala is advertising the sale, but not until Saturday and Sunday. I called the store down there just to see if they started it early like the Gainesville store did, but they said no, not 'til the weekend. So if you are in the market for some seriously discounted cartridges, be sure to check out your local Michaels store this weekend! :) 


  1. OMG! I wish we had a Michaels! I miss my Micheals back in Chicago! Happy Shopping!

  2. Thanks for the tip! I'm definitely checking this out. I actually tried to get From my Kitchen from my local Michael's a few days ago at 29.99, and they didn't have any! But I have 2 other Michael's I can visit to check it out. Thanks again!

  3. Do you know if Micheals in Canada have that sale???

  4. OMG!!! $10 bucks no way!! I'm racing over there after work LOL!!!! crossing my finger that they still have some:) Thanks for the info Libby!!

  5. That is an amazing deal! I'm going to stop buy Micheal's this weekend to see if the same applies here. Thanks for sharing the news!