Friday, March 4, 2011

A quick hello and update

Hi everyone! How are you all doing? I am hanging in there. Life's been throwing some curve balls our way, but we are doing our best to knock them out of the park before they knock us on our a**es!

Just a quick update on the husband is doing great. He regained almost all of the lost hearing, and his neck has healed well and the doctor said he's "pretty sure" he got it all out, but for us to just watch it to make sure it does not come back.
J.R. on the other hand has been showing me where the expression "terrible twos" comes from. He is usually so sweet, so loving, and listens well, but these past two weeks he has been yelling at me, has pushed me a couple of times, says no! to everything, and is refusing to eat anything except for gold fishes! The only thing helping me get through this "phase" is knowing that it will pass, hopefully sooner rather than later.

Now for a house hunting update....Despite my expressed deep wishes not to buy a house here in Gaiensville, my husband decided to go ahead and put an offer in. It was accepted and it was looking like all was good to go, but after the inspections, not so much. Yay for me! :) Not so much for my hubby :(
Basically he's going to ask for them to replace the entire A/C unit, and if they agree, he said we'll take it, but if not, we're walking away. So while it's not a definite no, I'm about 95% sure that it will be, and if that's the case he said we'd wait another six months or so before we start looking again. Again, yay for me! That gives me six more months to find us jobs somewhere else ;) (can you tell how much I don't like living here?)

As far as my cricuting and crafting goes, I have made a few more cards here and there, and I'm currently working on a super cute "Hoppy Easter" sign. I'm looking forward to sharing it with you guys as soon as it's all done :) I'm hoping that after our garage sale tomorrow I'll be able to get caught up on all my postings, and all of yours as well :) I hope everyone's doing well and has a wonderful weekend :)

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  1. Good to hear things are looking up. The terrible twos will pass!! Well, they should.
    Our 4 year old Grandson seems to still be in
    them sometimes, but, he has 3 older siblings
    so I might would be too!! LOL Have an awesome rest of the weekend!! :)
    Thank you for all the sweet sweet comments you leave at my blog. I know I don't get around as often as I would like to, but with work and DT projects to get created, sometimes it's the blog visits that suffer.