Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Hi everyone! Well tomorrow is Valentine's Day which means that all of our cards should have arrived to their destinations and I can now share them with you! :) But first, an apology.

I am sorry I haven't been online much recently. This is actually the first time I've been able to sit down for more than ten minutes all week! First JR got the stomach bug (again) on the day of my very first blog hop (poor little guy :( thank goodness it was only a 24 hour thing). We had company over for the superbowl on Sunday. Then my husband woke up completely deaf in his left ear Monday morning! Needless to say, a very, very scary thing for him. 
After a trip to an E.N.T. specialist, blood work, and a prescription for steroids we are nowhere closer to an explanation as to what caused it, or knowing if his hearing will be restored. Luckily he has some ringing and humming in his ear now which is a good sign that at least some of his hearing will be restored.
Also while at that doctors office he found out that he's got a Basel cell lesion on his neck that needs to be cut out. I know this may sound kind of morbid, but if you're going to get cancer that's the kind you want. There's a 98% cure rate, and luckily this inexplicable hearing loss, or what I like to call an intervention from God, allowed us to find it early.
Oh yeah, and in the midst of all of that, our offer on the house got accepted! So we are getting ready for the whole inspection process to begin. Hopefully everything will go smoothley and the house will pass. We did go this past Saturday with my father in law who's basically our own private inspector. He built houses most of his life and knows the major things to look for, so since he gave us the thumbs up we're hopeful for a positive outcome.

Now on to the fun stuff! :) I am really happy with how these turned out. I decided to make multiples of a few different designs, and here they are :)

I've been wanting to make something with this super cute little puppy since I first saw him, and I finally got to :) He's from the Sweethearts cartridge.
 "Have a terr-ruff-ic Valentine's Day!"

 Here are two of the smitten kittens, also from the Sweethearts cart. :)
 I typed up and printed most of the sentiments on my computer.
I especially love this next one because I used the left over "two hearts" silver charms from our wedding to help embellish it :) The paper is from a $1 stack I got at Target.

 close ups

 I love love love how these "tweet" birdy cards came out! The bird is from the Create-A-Critter cartrdge and the birdhouse is from Cindy Loo, cut at 5 1/4 inches :) 

 I found the "Happy Valentine's Day" stamp in Michaels dollar stamp bin, and those little tiny hearts are the phrase/shift option of the alligator on Create-A-Critter cut at 1"
 the "love bug" phrase is from Simply Charmed, cut at 1"
 and these "dino mite" dino's are my "boy" Valentine's Day cards (made after my husband told me my puppy dog ones still looked a little "girly"). I especially like these because I finally got to use some of my googley eyes, and because my son is completely obsessed with dinosaurs right now :)

All of the Critters, Cupids, and the Simply Charmed bug cutouts were done at 3 inches.
The flourished heart that I used on the Cupid cards is also from Cindy Loo, cut at 3 3/4 inches.
All of the scalloped hearts with shadows are from the Sweethearts cartridge, cut at 4 1/4 inches, and 1 3/4 inches (for the "your tweet" sentiments).
I think that covers the most of it, but if you have any questions on anything please feel free to ask :) And thank you so very much for taking the time to stop by and visit :) 


  1. These are soooo cute! I especially love the dino one with the googley eyes! Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. So adorable--all of them! Love the cupids and the embossed heart, and the flourish background for the other one. Very pretty. And all the critters are super cute. I have the Sweethearts cartridge and want to use that Smitten Kitten (I still need to make a card for my hubby, mmmm maybe that one). Great job, Libby!

  3. Hey Libby, Glad to hear everyone is on the road to recovery!! I love all your cards, and tell your hubby, that the puppy is supposed to look girly, it is Valentines Day, and the girls are more important than the boys!! LOL Thanks for your nice comments on my blog. The un-do is amazing stuff! Keep you eye out on my blog, because after the people saw my review, they emailed me, and are sending a few bottles to give out to the followers on my blog!! Isn't that cool?!?!?! So I am thing of a good way to give them out, so stay tuned!!

  4. Hi Libby, I'm glad to hear that son and hubby are recovering:) girl, super cute cards love them all!! and congrats on your new HOME!!!!!

  5. Your cards are fantastic. Did everyone enjoy them?


  6. These are all super cute!!! What a great job. Sorry I missed them when you posted them. Awesome job. TFS