Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I was a very good girl this year :)

Hi everyone! Now that the dust is starting to settle, if only just a bit, I've got a little more "me" time on my hands to catch up on here :) I wanted to share with you guys what I got for Christmas this year. My husband really went all out and got me everything I wanted and more :)
When I first got my Cricut I basically took over the empty kitchen cabinets to hold all of my crafting supplies. It wasn't a bad idea since they were empty, but it was a little annoying always having to pack up and move whatever supplies I was using into the dining room and moving it all back when finished (leaving it out is simply not an option with a two year old running around the house). Soon the idea hit me to convert my corner desk in our master bedroom into my own little craft corner, where I can have everything at an arms reach away, and still have a way to guarantee J.R. (my son) couldn't get into. Most of my Christmas presents were to help me complete this project, and I must say, I am loving it! :)

First, my most favorite Christmas present this year, my new laptop! :) My husband got it so that I can hook up and use another Christmas present, the Cricut Design Studio :)

  aren't the flowers on it just sooo pretty?! :)
 Next is my second favorite gift, which he let me have a little early, my new pink storage cart :) We found this on clearance at Office Depot for $40!! :)
This 3 bucket set I found on clearance while shopping one day with my cousin Yvette down in Ocala. I didn't know what I'd be using them for when I bought them, but I sure am glad I did :) They are now housing all of my punches, gel pens, zyg two way glue sticks, scissors, and other crafting tools :)

this is a really cute gift I got from my cousin Yvette to help personalize my craft corner.

Here's some of the storage space in my desk that houses my cartridges, paper, buttons, ribbon, cuttlebug, and other supplies; and on top of this shelf you can see the bottom of my new printer, yes, another Christmas present :)

And last but not least is another great gift that's not shown too clearly in this pic. It's my new pink floor lamp :) I love it because you can have one or both lights on at the same time (you can't see the top light in this pic, but it goes straight up), which when using just the reader lamp, allows me to stay up crafting after my hubby goes to sleep without bothering him :)

Along with all of this wonderful stuff I also received two packs of cardstock, a new corner punch, a few new stamps and ink pads, and two new cartridges! :) Thanks for stopping by. And I sure do hope everyone's Christmas was just as wonderful! :) 


  1. WOW girl, loving all the goodies a dream come true to us crafters right? so happy for you:) LOVE your laptop with all those pretty flowers!! Your crafting space looks fantastic and ready for the New Year!!! I believe that you can use the Stampin' Up die Petal Cone with the cuttlebug. I will try it at home tonight and let you know. I know I've used the sizzix dies on the cuttlebug before and Stampin Up's are made by Sizzix also. I will let you know for sure. I hope to see you tomorrow for the Rockin New Year Hop:)

  2. Thanks Norma! :) I will be there! :)

  3. Go to Paper Crafting Pro and log in for 2 free days. They have some cartridges on sale for $13.oo and shipping is very reasonable. I think they have Nifty Fifties!

  4. Thanks Georgiana! :) I just ordered three new cartridges from them. Ahh!! My husband is gonna kill me! lol

  5. Hi Libby, I just tried the die in my cuttle bug and the cuttle bug is a little smaller than the big shot, therefore, the petal cone die will not work on the cuttle bug:( I'm sorry. i mainly use the Big shot for all the dies and the cuttle bug folders. I'm giving the cuttle bug to my sis so it can get some use. I don't want it to be lonely LOL!! Let me know if you have any questions. Thank you:) See you at the Hop tomorrow:)

  6. Well thank you for trying anyway :) I'll see ya tomorrow :)

  7. Cute blog! I am your newest follower coming from Momo's 2010 Replay. Looking forward to seeing your creations in 2011!