Friday, April 1, 2011

Grandma's Garden of Love

Hi everyone. I've got a pretty easy project today that I think most kids would like to make (with mommy's help with the glue of course). I made this for my husband's grandmother. She's been in the hospital several times over the past couple of months with CHF and I wanted to make something to make her smile, and nothing makes her smile more than her great grandchildren :) I call it "Grandma's Garden of Love"
 I didn't have time to go out to the store for supplies so I had to use what I could find in my stash. I think if I had more time to plan this out, and get some more supplies it could look even better. I used pipe cleaners, pom poms, and a glue gun to make the flowers, then I stuck them into a piece of styrofoam in the pail, and covered the top with river rocks.
 I got the pail from Taget's dollar spot around Christmas time on clearence. There was a reindeer on it so I used white vinyl for the scallop to cover it.
I cut the "I love you" phrase from Lyrical Letters and cut the "I" off, then replace it with "We." The letters, other scallops, and hearts are all cut from vinyl (I think it would have looked much better in a different color but this teal is all that I had).
 These are her three great grandchildren. My son, J.R., is on the right in the blue flower :)
Of course, I also made her a very quick get well card to go along with it. The "get well soon" is from Cindy Loo, cut at 2 inches.

Thanks for stopping by! :)


  1. Libby, what a wonderful idea! I'm sure she'll love it - looking over at her great-grandchildren and that pretty arrangement! That is just so creative. Terrific job, lady!!-- Pat N.

  2. Grandmother's love anything and everything when it comes to grandbabies!


  3. WOW, she is going to love displaying this. Great idea to put the pictures on the flowers, I know they are her pride and joy! The card is a nice touch to go with it.